Friday, January 12, 2007

Online Exercise Journal

I spent a few minutes on the web trying to find an online exercise journal so I can track my progress. I found FitDay. Not only that it tracks daily exercise activities but also tracks diet. Then based on the journal entry, answers fitness questions, including:

  • How many calories am I eating?
  • What's my fat/carb/protein calorie breakdown?
  • How many calories does each food contribute?
  • Am I getting my recommended requirements of vitamins and minerals?
  • How many calories do I burn?
  • Where am I burning my calories (exercise, BMR, lifestyle)?
  • Am I achieving a caloric balance?
  • How many miles did I run (swim, walk, bike) over the past few weeks?
  • How is my weight changing?
  • Is my weight within a healthy range for my height?
  • Am I achieving my personal weight goal?
  • Am I achieving my personal nutrition goals?
The chart above shows how healthy(?) I am at the moment. There is a way to enter fitness goals. My goal is to be 150 lbs. by the end of the year. Let's track my progress!