Friday, October 31, 2008

My List of VIM Commands And Shortcuts

I would like to start compiling a list of common commands and shortcuts I'm using for VIM. Sometimes I forget what I have specified in my _vimrc file. This list is going to remind me and will build up in time.

Shortcut/Command Meaning
:TOhtml Convert code to html
<F3> for :TlistToggle Open up tag list (code browser plugin)
<F4> for :NERDTreeToggle Open up NERD Tree Explorer (file and directory explorer plugin)
<F5> Run programs
,pt Perl Tidy
Alt + C Block comment/uncomment using EnhancedCommentify
,cl Block comment using NERD Commenter
,cu Block uncomment using NERD Commenter
,c<spacebar> Toggle comment/uncomment using NERD Commenter
zfm Create fold of movement m
zo, zc, zd open, close, delete fold
:PrettyXML XML nice formatting