Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to Install Aranight Color Theme (Style) for Padre

If you liked the Padre color theme from my previous posting. You can install it now by following this procedure. As a side note, in Padre lingo, code color theme is called a "Style". Aranight is still a work in progress and as you know Padre is also a work in progress, so there's a lot of changes that are happening, so be patient and check back for updates. I will be updating Aranight style here as I go. Enjoy!

  1. Locate the local Padre config folder by clicking Help > About. Create a styles folder in that location. Here's how the folder looks like in Win32: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Perl\Padre\styles\
  2. Download Aranight style from here. Copy to the styles folder created earlier.
  3. Download Monaco font from here. Install.
  4. Restart Padre.
  5. In Padre, click View > Style, select Aranight.
  6. In Padre, click Edit > Preferences > Appearance. Now select the Monaco font. Change the "Editor Current Line Background Color" to R7, G65, B16. Click Save.

Here are some screenshots:
Padre IDE:

Perl file:

YAML file:

CSS file:


Unknown said...

is this the monaco ala macos?

Unknown said...

stunning! Aranight is a vast improvement for Padre users who prefer a low light friendly syntax colouring.

I have one observation that seems sadly a difficulty w/ sct more that this style - POD verbatim blocks are still black text on almost black and hence illegible. there is a comment in Night.yaml to this effect. That first one is the killer.. the other style segments listed in that comment I care less about.

Well done. and many thanks.

samdc said...


Yes this is Mac OS Monaco font. Thanks! Aranight is far from finished. There are still a lot of things I want to improve. Like what you mentioned. Also, I noticed that some other file types or mime types are not yet supported in Padre. I'm also doing my investigation on that. Please check back later on as I find more time to experiment, I will update the style. I really appreciate your feedback.

For others out there who want this Style to be improved, please forward me your feedback. Thanks!

gaj said...

Only just discovered this post on Aranight. It's really pleasant to use. I've been using gvim/MacVim for years(decades?) but as a fanatical Perl hacker felt I ought to use Padre. I tried Padre a couple of times some months ago but, (on my MacBook) up until now, it always felt to be a step down from Vim. With Aranight and Padre::Plugin::Vi I can skip around a great looking screen with minimal use of mouse and it's almost right.

So I was very sad to find the 'black text on (almost) black' issue with Aranight when I open TT templates. For a Perl web developer that's a show stopper.

Has anyone found a fix for this 'black on black' issue?

Anonymous said...

I don't recall seeing this blog post earlier and it was not linked from the about page of Padre.
Very nice work. Maybe you want to add it to the Padre codebase?